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Penpont Saga -- McCubbin Family Tree in 1745

** Note **
All names on this tree are fictional, although there were McCubbin families living at McCubbingstone Fermtoun in 1745. There was a James (merchant) and a Robert (blacksmith) at that time.

James McCubbin of McCubbingstone
b. 1708
m. Maggee b. 1709

Annie (McCubbin) Lorimer
b. 1728
m. 1745

Alex McCubbin
b. 1731 d. 1746

Thomas McCubbin
b. 1731 d. 1746

James McCubbin
b. 1734

Baby McCubbin
b. 1745
  bullet   McCubbins in 1745
bullet McCubbins in 1851
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