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Point of the Dirk

A story of post Culloden days and the struggle against English domination of all facets of life. We travel through shadowy glens to secret Covenanter meetings and suffer betrayal to the Hanoverian forces.

It is a story of hope that the spark of independence will flicker and grow into a fire to warm the spirits of the oppressed.

Rob's Comments

Point of the Dirk is in pre-research.

bullet Woodend (Writing)
bullet Railways Northwest (Pre-Research)
bullet A Knight So Bold (Pre-Research)
bullet Cleft in the Clan (Pre-Research)
bullet Jacobus Rising (Pre-Research)
bullet Point of the Dirk (Pre-Research)
bullet McCubbin of Ponthead (Pre-Research)
bullet Liberty Denied (Pre-Research)
bullet The House at the End of the Street (Pre-Research)
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